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Used Vehicle Warranties

Used Vehicle Warranties

Can a car dealer be potentially responsible for buying back a used vehicle that is found to be repeatedly problematic or unsafe?  Yes–if the car dealer gave the buyer a written warranty on the used vehicle. Typically, the warranty can be found on the “Buyers Guide” label.  The Buyers Guide label must be displayed on the vehicle’s side or front window glass.  Every consumer should THOROUGHLY read the Buyers Guide before purchasing or leasing a used vehicle.  If you don’t see the Buyers Guide, ASK for it!

The Buyers Guide label has boxes that are either checked for “WARRANTY,” or alternatively, “AS IS.” If the “WARRANTY” box is checked, the dealer is providing a written warranty on that vehicle. The terms, conditions and covered components will be listed on the lower half of the Buyers Guide label. However, if the “AS IS” box is checked, the vehicle is being sold without a warranty and the buyer is responsible for all mechanical repairs and failures!

If you return your vehicle to the selling dealer for repeated repairs of a component or system listed as a covered component under the vehicle’s warranty on the Buyers Guide, and the dealer is unable to repair the problem after “a reasonable number of repair attempts,” you may a claim under the Lemon Law to unwind the sale a receive a refund of your money.

A qualified Lemon Law attorney will be familiar with used vehicle cases under the Lemon Law.

(Your vehicle is a 2017 - 2025 only, purchased or leased BRAND NEW from a dealership in California.) No vehicles purchased used.