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Lemon Law Changes

Lemon Law Changes as of 2011

California’s Lemon Law was recently revised, adding valuable new protection for consumers of new vehicles purchased or leased in California.  Under this new revision, a “repair attempt” under the statute is no longer limited to an actual “repair” under warranty. Under the new revision, so long as the consumer has a warranty Repair Order written with the complaint plainly stated, whether the authorized dealer service department effects repairs – or not – is of no concern to the consumer, and the visit is counted as a “repair attempt visit” under the California lemon law.

This is great news for consumers as it removes an auto manufacturers defense of “could not duplicate complaint”, which has been a long-held defense ploy in automobile lemon law cases. Now the consumer simply gives the automobile manufacturer a opportunity to repair. The consumer no longer has to worry if they made a repair or not.

(Your vehicle is a 2017 - 2025 only, purchased or leased BRAND NEW from a dealership in California.) No vehicles purchased used.