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There is absolutely no charge or cost for this service. We will review and evaluate your potential lemon law claim to determine if our office would be interested in pursuing a lemon law case for you. This review and evaluation does not constitute a client-attorney relationship between you and our law offices, nor does it constitute legal advice. All information provided will be held strictly confidential and will not be given to any other parties.

Requirements: For your free case review and evaluation, your vehicle will need to be model year 2011 or newer, less than 50,000 miles currently on the odometer, and you will have had to purchase or leased the vehicle from a California dealership, and have all repair visits at an authorized dealership located in California for the make of vehicle you own/lease. We do NOT review and evaluate cases on cars purchased outside of the manufacture's original limited new vehicle limited warranty which came with the vehicle when first sold/leased as new, unless the vehicle is a factory "certified" pre-owned with a factory "limited warranty" for used vehicles.

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NOTE: A repair visit is defined as when you present the vehicle to an authorized dealer for your make/model of vehicle, a warranty repair order is written with your complaint, and a invoice is generated after the repair visit. Non-written verbal complaints to dealership personnel are not counted as repair visits.

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